Centurion Real Estate Opportunities Trust

is an income and capital growth oriented investment trust allowing investors to invest in a diversified portfolio of mortgages and opportunistic real estate developments and investments, with a target of producing an annualized return of 7 – 12%*.  The team has significant experience in real estate with over $1.1B of assets under management. Centurion’s experience managing multi-residential apartments and student housing is a competitive advantage over lenders without similar infrastructure or experience.

Investment Terms:  6 months +

Equicapita Income Trust

A private equity fund investing in a diversified portfolio of operating businesses known as small to medium sized enterprises, acquired at attractive valuations, primarily located in Western Canada, that have a history of generating sustainable cash flow.  The Trust offers investors a targeted 8% Preferred Annual Return*, paid Quarterly + Equity Upside Potential.

Investment Term:  5 Years +

EnerCapita energy trust

A private energy trust with a belief that a unique opportunity exists to generate superior risk adjusted returns by aggregating a portfolio of high quality, low risk, conventional energy assets.  The Trust offers investors a targeted 8% Preferred Annual Return*, paid Quarterly + Equity Upside Potential.  The team is led by Greg Tisdale, former CFO of Crescent Point Energy.

Investment Term: 5 years+

Rhocore Income Trust

will provide investors with exposure to a diversified pool of debt and debt-linked return streams, backed by "A" Credit fixed assets, by indirectly investing in 7% Bonds of Stride Capital, which originates and manages industrial equipment finance and leasing in Western Canada.  Significant bank credit and audit oversight supporting the portfolio with diversification in transaction size, geography and industry.  Targeted 7% Annual Return*, Paid Monthly.

Investment Term: Right to redeem after 3 years

RockSpring Capital

Through a Canadian-based mutual fund, investors participate in the local expertise of the management team of Rockspring Capital.  Rockspring Capital is a real estate firm with roots dating back to 1973, in Texas, USA.  The firm utilizes all cash to acquire opportunistic land parcels and residential lots in high growth areas within the Texas Triangle - Houston, Austin, San Antonio and Dallas/Ft. Worth.

Investment Term: Targeted 5-7 years

Clear Sky Capital Inc

Headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, Clear Sky provides investors the opportunity to invest in a portfolio of high volume express car wash businesses and their underlying real estate assets.  The investment provides investors with a targeted 10% Preferred Annual Return*, paid Quarterly.

Clear Sky also provides investors with the opportunity to invest in multi-family residential complexes in the U.S.

No U.S. Tax Return is required with this investment.

Investment Term:  4-6 Years

DESCRIPTION OF SOME Current investment opportunities 

*Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results.  All projections and targets shown are dependent on a variety of factors and assumptions which may change over the course of the projects.  These numbers should not be taken as a guarantee of the actual results and performance of the products.  For more information, refer to the relevant Offering Memorandums.

Private MarkeT Specialist


Durum Properties Inc.

Through Bow Water and Land Trust, Durum Properties Inc. provides investors with exposure to the sale of pre-development land to developers, just west of Calaway Park, on Highway #1, approximately 30 kms West of Calgary

Investors accrue a simple 10% Preferred Return + participate in 55% of the Profits*, upon exit.

Investment Term:  Targeted 3-5 Years

R.N. Croft Financial Group Inc

is a portfolio management company, providing a fully customized discretionary asset management platform.

Their investment approach combines low-cost, tax-efficient indexed investment strategies, with targeted active management, and sophisticated options techniques to maximize client returns at any risk level.    Their innovative solutions include custom portfolio pools and separately managed accounts.

Minimum $50,000

Full Liquidity Available

Invico Capital 


The objective of the Fund is to provide investors with a robust monthly cash distribution and potential for an annual special distribution while aiming to achieve wealth preservation through diversification and security strategies.  The Diversified Income Fund provides investors with a Preferred Annual Return of 8-10%* paid monthly + Potential Profit Sharing.